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Volunteers are essential to the success of the US Flight Expo. We will require 85 volunteers over the duration of the event.

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Available work days(check all applicable, denote 1st or 2nd shift):
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Jobs for Volunteers Include the following functions:

  • Visitor Car Parking
  • Visitor Ticketing & Information
  • Vendor Parking, Information and Assistance Desk
  • Exhibitor Demo & Rental Rides Flight Control
  • Air/Ground Operations
  • Admin and Safety
  • Fly-In Aircraft Parking
  • On-site transportation


  1.  Previous experience is required for Air/Ground Operations and Demonstration Flights /Ride for Fee Control, and site transportation.
  2.  We will endeavor to assign folks to their desired volunteer area, but we cannot commit to a particular function.
  3.  We will provide safety gear (depending upon function). The Volunteer assembly area will be shared with the Vendor check-in and information tent.
  4.  Coffee/Water/Snacks will be available for Volunteers
  5.  Shift will be 4 hours unless otherwise limited by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  6.   The temperatures are expected to be in the low 90’s in the afternoon. Please bring sun screen and wear appropriate protective clothing.

Volunteer Leaders

Administration and Safety— Jack Norris Aircraft Judging — Arv Schultz Air/Ground Operations/Aircraft Parking— Robert Munoz Catering & Hospitality— Crystal Hobbs Exhibitor Demonstration and Aircraft Ride for Fee Control & Scheduling— HL Cooper Gate/Ticket Sales & Information Center— Kathy Atkinson On-Site Transportation —Gary Atkinson Vendor Parking/Set Up— Dan Hobbs