Volunteer Info


First of all, please accept our gratitude for volunteering your time and talent to the US Flight Expo. This is the first year for the event and we know that the contributions on your part are integral to its success. We look forward to this becoming an annual event that will continue to grow from this year’s foundation.

Expo layout

The US Flight Expo is taking place on a large asphalt area SE of the main runway 12-30  and south of runway 03-21 at Marana Regional Airport.  The area is framed by Taxiway A2 and Taxiway E. The main show components include Outdoor Exhibition which will be on opposite sides of the ramp area toward the North aligned parallel with the main runway (NW-SE). Near the center of the Show Ramp area is a 40’ x 80’ tent that will house the Indoor exhibits.

Not all exhibitors will be on station for the entire 4 days. We expect a higher density of traffic (car and airplane) on May 5-6. For example, the educational institutions and the UAV vendors will be displaying on that Friday/Saturday.

Traffic will enter the Show area from Avra Valley Road. There are two entrances/exits from Avra Valley Road. They will be marked. The eastern most entrance is a hard surface road. It will be marked as Gate A. This is where visitors will enter. A car parking area has been graded on the east side of the airport fence and the gate where visitors will enter is at the NE corner of the Show Ramp. Just outside that gate will be the Visitor Ticketing Tent.  Gate B (the next entrance from Avra Valley Road to the west) is where Vendors, Volunteers and RV’s will enter the Show area. The vendor/volunteer parking is adjacent to the South gate of the fence line which is centered on the ramp area. That gate is where the Vendor/Volunteer/Administration Tent will be located.

Marana does not have a control tower. During the event, a temporary tower will be operated. The provider is Tower Tech. Tower Tech employs retired FAA controllers and will provide normal Air/Ground control procedures and will communicate with the Tucson Class C airspace as required.

The controllers will hand-off arriving traffic to the Aircraft ground crew who will direct them on a special frequency to the appropriate parking area.

Several people movers will operate along the periphery of the airport taxiway and roads to ferry pilots/passengers from the aircraft parking areas to the pilot registration tent and from there to the Show Ramp.

A security volunteer will be circulating in a golf cart around the show area during the day and a third party vendor, A-Team, will be patrolling the airport grounds from 6pm-6am.


Division of Duties

The volunteers will be assigned to the following teams:

Administration/Security – Leader: Greg Hobbs/Ernie Pritchard

Aircraft Ground Control/Parking – Leader: Rob Munoz

Demonstration Flight Control – Leader: HL Cooper

Pilot Registration – Leader: Kathy Atkinson

Media – Leader: Jacob Peed

Site Transportation – Leader: Gary Atkinson

Vehicle Parking – Leader: Dan Hobbs

Vendor/Volunteer Reception – Leader: Kathy Atkinson

Visitor Ticketing – Leader: Kathy Atkinson

Volunteer assignments have been divided into morning and afternoon. This affords volunteers an opportunity to explore the expo. Volunteers who desire to park an RV will not be charged the overnight parking fee.

Emergency procedures

In the event of an urgent situation, please contact 9-1-1 via your cell phone. If you do not have a cell phone, please inform someone in your vicinity to make the call. If the situation is not dire, but needs attention, please call Greg Hobbs at 520-405-6868 or Jack Norris at 703-307-6775. There will be volunteer personnel roaming the site in golf carts, you may also flag them down for assistance. A first aid tent will be located near the Vendor/Volunteer entrance to the South of the Indoor display tent. It is not equipped to handle emergencies. The administrative crew will contact the Airport manager to advise of an emergency situation.




Greg Hobbs is the event organizer. He will be available on his cell phone, 520-405-6868 to answer any questions. Greg and Jack Norris will be on stand-by to assist with volume or other issues as required. Ernie Pritchard will be roaming the area and responsible for observing and attending to any Security issues during the daylight hours of operation. The security team will observe individuals who do not have a lanyard or wristband and address the ticketing situation accordingly.


Aircraft ground control/parking

The Aircraft ground team is responsible for accepting aircraft hand-off from the ground controller (Tower Tech) and direct aircraft to parking areas. The base of operations will be at an entrance to the compacted dirt parking area off of Taxiway C. Pilots will inform the AirBoss if they require hard surface parking or the camping area and will be directed accordingly. The ground team will use a golf cart “FOLLOW ME” placarded vehicle to lead traffic. Aircraft are led to the parking spot. Aircraft will also contact the team prior to start-up and taxi out of parking areas. Volunteers assignments will include walking and golf cart assignments. Walking assignments require clearance of the area of persons around a taxiing or starting/parking aircraft.

Demonstration Flight Control

The Demonstration Flight Control center is located at the NW corner of the Show ramp.

There will be morning Pilot briefings at 0700. Pilots will be issued a colored 3×5 card stamped pilot to signify they’ve received the day’s briefing. Pilot’s will be required to fill out a daily waiver. Passengers for demonstration flights will report to the Demonstration tent to review and sign a passenger waiver. A passenger must sign a waiver for each flight in an aircraft. This provides appropriate protection for individual vendors/aircraft. Volunteer duties will include management of the waiver distribution, signing and recording of the flight in a register. They may also be asked to assist in escorting or controlling the vicinity of the aircraft for passenger loading and start-up sequence. Detailed instructions will be provided on site by HL Cooper.

First Aid

We are expecting a physician to be available for a portion of the event. Outside of that period we’ll have an individual who can assist in attending to minor cuts/abrasions. The tent will have cool water and shade as well for any visitors who over exerted themselves out on the display line.


The media crew consists of Jacob Peed and Dave Loveman. Mr. Loveman will be traveling the airport proper taking pictures of the event for future publication. Mr. Peed has overall responsible for managing media for the event and will coordinate with the Administration and representatives of the media as required.

Pilot registration

The Pilot Registration tent will be located at the southwest of the helicopter ramp adjacent to the vehicle pathway used by the site transportation vehicles. The team will be responsible for registering the aircraft, identifying what aircraft desire to participate in the judging contest and ticketing pilots/passengers. The Town of Marana requires a fee for overnight parking. Pilots will be charged $20 per day along with adult passengers. Teenage passengers are $10 per day. Parking is $10 per night. There is no fee for a daily visitor. We will collect for the period of time identified by the pilot. We will NOT try to determine if aircraft are staying longer than they’ve paid for. We are only recording arrivals.  Four day passes are $60/adult and $30/teen. There is no charge for passengers 12 and under. Tickets (wristbands) will be sold for cash or credit. A tablet will be on-site at the booth for swiping credit cards using the PayPal Here app.

Site Transportation

The site transportation will be operated using trailer people movers provided by Jon Post. These trailers are used annually at the Marana Pumpkin festival. The people movers will operate between the North camping/parking area along taxiway C and the periphery of the airport. It passes through the main terminal area to collect any pilots/passengers/visitors. The people mover will stop at the Pilot registration area for airborne arrivals to sign-in and purchase tickets. They will continue to the show ramp area. On Friday and Saturday, the UAV vendors will be using the helicopter ramp for drone demonstrations. They will use the people movers for access to this ramp which is adjacent to the Pilot Registration tent. The site transport personnel will consist of a driver (pickups will be used) and a safety person to assist passengers on and off the people mover. The Safety person will ride on the trailer with the passengers. There will be three people movers in operation during the show hours of 8am-5pm.


Vehicle parking

Cars with visitors will enter the US Flight Expo from Gate A off of Avra Valley Road. It is a macadam surface from Avra Valley to the parking area east of the airport tent. Volunteers will direct vehicular traffic from the road along a series of parking line-ups running parallel along the fence line. There are designated spots for handicap individuals. The cars will be parked in an angular fashion to ease entry/exit. Exiting traffic will follow signs to deliver them to the divided road leading to the exit side of Gate A. RV parking will be via Gate B and the vendor registration tent will record and ticket visitors arriving via their RV.


Vendor/volunteer Reception

This is the area that we will receive vendors, visitors with RV’s and volunteers. It is a larger tent to accommodate a rest area for volunteers and will have snacks and water for you during breaks. The volunteers will record vendor arrival and distribute packets which contain 4 lanyards providing vendor identification and access during the four days of the expo. For vendors desiring more than 4 passes, the fee will be $20/day per adult and collected at the Vendor/Volunteer reception tent. There will be spare lanyards on-site. Volunteers will also ticket RV visitors and record the license number and type of ticket on the provided register. There will also be a volunteer registration form to identify function/time/date and the name of the volunteer. It is expected that the peak day for vendor reception will be on Tuesday afternoon, May 2 and Wednesday morning May 3. Some vendors are scheduled for arrival Friday/Saturday.

Visitor Ticketing

The visitor ticketing booth is located NE side of the ramp area. The fence gate at that location serves as the entry point for visitors to the Expo. It is expected that the volume of traffic to the event will build toward Friday and peak on Saturday. The Arizona CAF B-25J “Maid in the Shade” will be parked on the opposite side of the entrance area.

The volunteer duties will be divided into cash collection, credit card POS and the recording register (check-off sheet for amount of sale). Wristbands will be issued to identify the purchaser of a ticket. These must be worn while inside the airport/show area.

Key Contacts

Greg Hobbs: 520-405-6868  US Flight Expo Organizer

Jack Norris: 703-307-6775 Event Support

Kathy Atkinson: 714-271-2829  Ticketing/Registration/Volunteer Coordination

Gary Atkinson: 520-444-1303 Site Transportation

Dan Hobbs: 775-857-9575 Vehicle Parking

Rob Munoz: 520-349-6205 Aircraft Operations/Aircraft Parking

HL Cooper: 520-682-7504 Demonstration/Flyby Control

Jacob Peed: 515-408-3763