The US Flight Expo concluded on Saturday, May 6…..albeit a bit early. Mother Nature followed up her record heat day for May 2 with near record winds on Saturday. Needless to say, if the folks on the ground had wings…..they could have taken off. Not withstanding the weather challenges, the event was encouraging for vendors on several fronts. 1) It provides a structure for a vendor driven event out west. 2) Marana airport can accommodate a large volume of fly-in and drive-in traffic. 3) Three vendors reported a total of 5 aircraft with a high probability of sale resulting from visitors to the event. 4) Three indoor vendors had in excess of $25,000 of sales from attendees to the event.

All in all, a lot was learned from putting together the event that will result in a successful 2nd event in 2018. Follow-up with the town to significantly increase drive-in attendance is underway with a new target of early October in 2018. This will avoid some of the vestiges of April weather we experienced along with the timing of the Alaska show which limited vendor participation in May. Our pilot contact program will be significantly enhanced with the assistance of Jacob Peed.

Thanks to all who organized, volunteered and participated.