Aircraft Parking

Aircraft Parking is $10 for each day staying overnight. Indicate at Pilot registration if you will be staying overnight and the number of nights. The Town of Marana collects $7 + 8.3% tax for airport parking. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Upon arrival, when you switch to the Ground Control frequency please advise if you will be camping and if you are remaining overnight. Camping traffic will be directed via Taxiway Charlie to the camping area near the NW hangars adjacent to Taxiway Charlie north of Runway 3-21.

There are approximately 130 spaces available on the tarmac with tie downs. This are first come/first serve. There is another area on the SE side of the terminal, East of the South Hangars, that is available. It does NOT have tie-downs. You can use your own chocks.

The bulk of the bulking is in a graded field bordering Taxiway C. The entrance will be on the along the area on the east/west portion of Charlie east of Alpha Taxiway.

This area requires your own tie downs be used. Spiral stakes will not work in this area. Steel pins will. Hammers will be available to anchor the pins. Please remove the pins upon departure from the parking area.The steel pins can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s. 18” should work well. The cost is approximately $3.25 each.

If you are a member of the Cessna 140 Club, please advise on the Air Boss frequency, 133.3 Mhz, and you will be directed to their parking area north of 03-21 encircled by Taxiway C.

Ground control will release you to the Air Boss frequency for any special parking requests and direction to parking areas.

People movers will be running between the NW parking areas (including camping)to shuttle pilots/passengers from the parking area to Pilot registration and from Pilot registration to the show ramp.