Exhibitor Arrival Instructions

The Show Center is located on the SE corner of the KAVQ airport. The center is framed by Taxiway A2 on the North side and Taxiway E on the West side of the ramp area. It is depicted on the aerial view below. The tent area for indoor exhibitors is located just south of the center axis of the rectangular area. The outdoor assignments are painted onto the tarmac in center front of the 3-point tie downs. ENTRY TO THE RAMP AREA WILL BE VIA TAXIWAY A2. This taxiway is accessible from Taxiway A or Taxiway B3. White wooden barricades and caution tape suspended between the barricades will enclose the area during the days of the show (May 3- May 6). Ground personnel will be on the ramp during the show days to escort arriving vendor aircraft to their assigned space. The ground personnel will be on channel 133.3 Mhz. For May 2 (or earlier arrivals), you may proceed to the ramp area to park your aircraft in its assigned display location. Announce your taxi intentions on Unicom at 123.0 Mhz. Personnel working in the ramp area will monitor the Unicom frequency as well as 133.3 to provide any assistance you  require. The 400 series tie-downs are on the East side of the ramp and 300 Series on the West side of the ramp, just East of the concrete drain which runs parallel to the N-S direction of the ramp and runway 12-30. The concrete area is visible as lighter gray in the enclosed picture. Early arrivals may consider parking near the terminal if arriving on or before May 2. It is a long way to the display ramp area. Personnel working on setup on Tuesday will monitor 133.3 to provide assistance. Alternately, Greg Hobbs phone is 520-405-6868 or Jack Norris at 703-307-6775. Exhibitors with two aircraft have been assigned on the east side where the 50 x 50 display area extends further east affording ample space for your display. If you have been assigned to the west side of the display area and have two aircraft, we will re-locate you upon arrival to accommodate your requirement. Overnight, there is sufficient ramp space available to secure your second display aircraft on a tie-down. Security personnel will patrol the airport overnight. The airport access is controlled and enclosed by fencing. The Sky Rider Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. It is located just west of the terminal building on Avra Valley Road.