Demonstration Flight Procedures

Daily Briefings

Pilot briefings will be conducted each morning at 0730 hours at the Demonstration Flight Control tent. It is located at the NW end of the Show Ramp just south of Taxiway A2. The lead individual responsible for the coordination of demonstration flights andflybys is HL Cooper. Pilots will be provided a colored briefing tag to signify they’ve completed the day’s briefing. It will be placed in the lanyard pocket provided to you and
your team upon check-in.
Pilots who have missed the morning briefing will receive a 1-on-1 briefing by linking up with HL Cooper at the Demo Control area. You will be issued the daily badge at that time.


Waivers are required to be signed by pilots at their briefing. This document will be in effect for the day.

Each passenger will be also be required to sign a briefing prior to their demonstration flight. These waivers will be executed at the Demonstration Flight tent prior to passenger loading into the aircraft.

Aircraft Movement

Aircraft parked on the 400 ramp will be moved to A2 area by exhibitor personnel prior to start and passenger loading. If you require additional assistance in moving the aircraft, please contact the ground team on 133.3 Mhz.

Aircraft that are parked on the west side on the ramp (300 series tie-downs) will contact the ground team to open the barricade and push the aircraft back to the west side of the barricade. Upon closing of the barricade, ensure area is clear and conduct your engine start. Contact Ground Control on 121.05 Mhz to begin taxi onTaxiway E to the appropriate Taxiway (A1 or A2).

Aircraft Return to Show Ramp

Upon landing, advise ground control (121.05 Mhz) you are returning to the Show Ramp area. They will provide taxi instructions. Upon arrival at the Show Ramp, contact the ground crew at 133.3 Mhz. If you are parked on the 300-series, approach barricade, shut down and re-position your aircraft on the east side of the N-S barricade. Ground personnel will assist as required in re-locating the barricade and tie-down of aircraft, if required.
Aircraft tethered at the 400-series ramp will arrive at the barricade via Taxiway A2. Contact ground crew at 133.3 Mhz for taxi and re-positioning assistance.